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Sales & Distribution
The fast track to product placement.

Our Program in a Nutshell:


This is a 6-12-month program that will set up a comprehensive distribution platform for your brand. We will introduce your product to all classes of trade: online, specialty, independent, multi-chain mass retailers, etc. 


We are hyper focused on the intrinsic value of YOUR brand.

Chain of Events: 


  • We canvas our database of retailers

  • We confirm the corresponding product line review dates (See Understanding the Market

  • We set up meetings to introduce your item(s).
    (You will be invited to the meetings!) 

  • We complete the requisite item set up.

  • We build projections based on the sell through rate.

  • We work with our social media partners to drive business.

Under our unique program, you will have access to:


  • Our vendor number 

  • Our U.S. bank 

  • Our product insurance policy
    (which differs from retailer to retailer)

  • Our importing and exporting experts 

  • Our database of buyers and reps

  • Our warehouse and distribution center, which will give you the best storage & drop ship rate.

We are your rent-a-company solution!

Proven by a significant record of national placement

within a host of North American retail channels,

we know the market. 

We are your spark notes for market penetration!